School. Is it Good for the Future?

by mimeault.eric on February 13, 2014 - 2:52pm

In today’s society, there are more and more debates about hoe the education system is being used presently. Some people feel that the 300 year old education system is out dated and it should be re-evaluated.
The traditional saying for education is that you need a degree to get a good job. That is not always the case anymore. People can get jobs these days because of how well they know the field in which their job is in. So why go to school if you can just learn about the field in which you want to have a job in? Logan Laplante has said in his TED talk, ″Hackschooling makes me happy″,that he dropped out of the traditional school to learn about what he loves. (2013) He said, ″I didn’t used to like writing because my teachers made me write about butterflies and rainbows, and I wanted to write about skiing″ (Laplante 2013). The advantage of this is that he able to learn what he loves best and he also gets to learn some life skills. He will be able to learn how to teach himself. He won’t have a teacher giving him all the answers like in real life. If school was based on his theory, people would be a lot happier going to school.
Ken Robinson has said the education system should be based on creativity. (2010) Sugata Mitra suggest we should find new creative ways to teach the younger generation. Mitra had an experiment where he put a computer in a hole in the wall. He put the computer in a poor village in India. After a while the kids in the village taught themselves how to use the computer and use the internet. Technology today is a very big thing. We almost do everything these days with technology. People can learn anything on the internet and shouldn’t be taken away when trying to learn.
That’s how I think education should be today. People learning what they want to learn. They will be happy when learning and having fun learning. They would also get a job in what they learnt which they will have a job that they love.

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I love the way you present your topic and the way you explain your points of view. Perhaps, I think the principal goal of education is to help us live in society and develop our critical thinking. The goal of the elementary school, the high school and the cegep is to help us choose in witch field we want to study and work. Our education help us to have knowledge and to be able to increase our capacity to deal with a lot of work. I think our education is still up to date and if you choose to leave our education system for only working on what you think you will do for the rest of your life you may be wrong. Don't you think we should touch every subjects in what we could possibly study in university and after go in that program and enjoy university?

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