Passion and the Future of Education

by chloecomtois on February 15, 2014 - 9:01pm

A lot of people right know are wondering what learning will be like in the future. Some people are saying that the education should still be the same because the education system is good the way it is right now. Other peoples thinks that the future of learning should be different, in a sense that technology would be a better thing in the future to help students learn. Schools should put more importance on passion that their students have because in that way they will be more interested by the subjects in school.
In the TED talk ‘’Hackschooling Makes Me Happy’’ by Logan LaPlante, a 13 year old boy that left conventional education around the age of 9, is glad to have make this decision. He said that ‘’Hackschooling’’ is the new way of education. It is based on what passion you in life and your interests. This is the best thing that could happen to him because it gave him the opportunity to learn about what he is passionate about; skiing. All his subjects in school are related to this, so that it is more interesting for him to go to school. (Laplante, 2013)
The education system that we have now is not perfect and may never be perfect, but there are some improvements that could be made. I think that school should be more about what our interests are and what our passions are. If school put more efforts in those things, it will probably be beneficial for students to encourage them to stay longer in school and maybe want to learn more things that they will enjoy to do.
To change the education would not be easy because people are used to the way that it is right now. We cannot change it drastically, but over time, I think it would be possible to do. Fuller has said, ‘’You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete’’ (Fuller, 2013)

I think that incorporating passion into education would be more beneficial for boys because they generally don’t like to be in school compare to girls, according to Philip Zimbardo. (Zimbardo, 2011) It could help them to have better grades and be more confident about themselves. It would also help to lower the drop out.
Having this kind of education would be great for students to become involves in different types of activities related to their passions. School would give them many opportunities that would improve their skills for their future job. Students would become more professional earlier in their education then right now. Like for example, Logan LaPlante that work in a store that produce hats. He is becoming very useful for the company at a young age.


I agree with your opinion. I definitely think that the education system will change in the near future. I also think that people should study in something they are interested in. By doing so it will not only make them useful in to their bosses but they will enjoy what they are studying. One of my values are happiness and I also believe that one should always do that which leads to the greatest amount of overall happiness. Do you think that in the future our present education system will change?

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