Do we need creativity in school ?

by audrey001 on February 4, 2014 - 1:56pm

As everybody knows, today's school system has changed in many ways compared to years before. People have different opinions on the future of learning, and they bring different solutions about it. Ken Robinson, an author who criticizes today's school system, said that education uses standardization and that it compromised the student’s creativity (2010). Creativity is not consider as an important part of education, even if there is a lot of advantages to it.
Ken Robinson compares school system to a factory because of the use of standardization (2010). He said that in a factory, everything has to be the same. The school systems are not open to new ideas because the system has already achieved their goals. School encourages students to achieve their goals, to have the greatest scores in exams, and so on. They want every student to be like their pairs. In other words, education establishes standards for everyone. Teachers don't realize that not every student has the same way of learning. Also, students can't like all the subjects that are taught in school. Unfortunately, they are obliged to pass all of these classes, only because the school system decided that students have to achieve all the same courses. The standardization of the school system certainly kills the creativity of the youth because teachers ''conditioned them to believe that there is only one answer’’ (Robinson, 2010).
If creativity would become a part of education, it would bring new advantages for a lot of students. Erika, an author from the website the Guardian, has a great perspective about the creativity in school:
<<Rigid curriculums that focus on right and wrong answers teach children to see the world in binaries. These methods don't encourage creativity or innovation. I fear that our deeply flawed education system will produce generations of people who lack critical thinking skills. How can students be expected to become highly skilled or passionate about anything when they're asked to simply regurgitate information?>> (Erika L Sánchez, 2013)
If schools systems would take the time to analyze what's the benefits of creativity for a student and how they can incorporate into education, it would be a big improvement for the students who want to learn. They would probably learn faster and enjoy it at the same time. In class, it will raise new ideas for the teacher by looking at what their students do. Creativity promotes a new way of learning and enjoyment at the same time.
So, '' What's the future of learning?'' Ken Robinson thinks that education system uses standardization to share knowledge and it is reduces the creativity of the students, and Erika talks about her perspective of using creativity in school. If the school system can take the time to analyze their way of acting toward many students, they would realize that they kill creativity at school. We all need new ideas at one point, and creativity is a good way to achieve it!

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Hi Audrey!
I like your text. You did a great job with in text citation. We easily understand whose idea it is. Everything is clear. But in the second paragraph, even if you quote Ken, I think it looks like a summary not like your own work. When I read it, I thought : " This paragraph is just about paraphrasing". I would have like to see more of " you" in it.
In the third paragraph, I find very interesting your quote on creativity. But a quote over 40 words must be clearly identify and separate from the paragraph.
Overall, I think this is a well written text. I'm not really good in grammar, so I cannot correct this kind of mistakes. I think there's only few modification you should do to have a perfect text!

I think that your text is very interesting because you did put talked a lot about creativity. I also think that creativity should be more accessible in school to let the students express themselves.
I think that your citation about creativity in your third paragraph was a bit long, but overall great with your text.
I like your text because it demonstrate that creativity should be more important in our educational system.
Overall, a great text.

I really enjoyed reading your text! It is interesting that you supported your opinion by giving all the advantages of creativity. It is always better to support our ideas by references and you did it amazingly. Your text is well structured and the into and conclusion are well done and hold our attention to the end. One thing you could do to improve your text is to edit it carefully because there are still a couple mistakes. Like in your first sentence when you say: ''many way compares...'' it should be written '' many ways compared...''. I am not a grammar expert but I can see a couple mistakes that could be corrected. The content and citations are really good and it creates a well supported opinion text. Well done. Don't forget to correct your little grammar and spelling mistakes, you will then have a perfect work !

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